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By registering as our JOM Online Store member, it allows you to enjoy many exciting privileges by collecting JOM Reward points for each product you buy. The JOM Reward points allow you to redeem for certain products or win JOM Online Store Exclusive Member coupons. In addition to those, there are FREE discount coupons, FREE shipping coupons & FREE gift coupons given to all JOM Online Store members & many more! 


For those who have yet to become our JOM Offline Store member, you will be invited to become one for free after you have registered an account on our website! This saves you the RM 10 membership fee! Being a JOM Offline Store member allows you to collect JOM Offline member points, enjoy JOM Offline Store member promotions, special product prices, free JOM Offline Store member discount vouchers that can be used for offline purchases & many more! 


Sign up for an account now & enjoy our JOM Online/Offline Store Member privileges!