Item Compensation Policy

1. Application for Item Compensation



Subject to the terms and conditions in this Item Compensation Policy, Buyer may apply for compensation of the purchased items (“Item”) prior to the expiry of the JOM Pharmacy Compensation Period, within 7 days after receiving the purchased items.


This is a service provided by JOM Pharmacy to ensure the buyer is satisfied with the purchased items delivered to them.


2. Application for the Compensation of an Item



*Buyer may only apply for the compensation of the Item in the following circumstances:
•    The Item received is incomplete (missing quantity or accessories);
•    The Item delivered to Buyer does not match the agreed specification (e.g., wrong size, color, etc.) to Buyer;
•    The Item delivered to Buyer is materially different from the description provided in the listing of the Item;
•    The Item received has physical damage (e.g., dented, scratched, shattered);
•    The Item received is faulty (e.g., malfunction, does not work as intended);


*In the case of our side’s fault who caused the Item received has physical damage, faulty, materially different, incomplete or does not match the agreed specification, the supplier will bear the Shipping Fee that has been paid by the Buyer. While we will replace the Item of a good condition and bear the subsequent Shipping Fee that is to be shipped to the Buyer.

*While if it is courier company’s fault who caused the Item received has physical damage, faulty or loss, they will compensate for it.

*There is no return or refund if it is the Buyer’s fault. And the Buyer is not allowed to re-exchange his/her Item’s variation or change his/her shipping address after placing an order before or after receiving the purchased Item. In addition, no cancellation is allowed and no returning of money after the Buyer placed an order.


Buyer’s application must be submitted to this email,


JOM Pharmacy will review each Buyer’s application on a case-by-case basis and, in its sole discretion, determine whether Buyer’s application is successful.



3. Evidence(s) for Compensation



To enjoy a hassle-free experience when requesting compensation for the Item, the Buyer should ensure that photos or videos of the Item, including any complimentary items such as accessories that come with the Item, must be taken/recorded to us in the condition received by the Buyer on delivery. 



4. Refund



There will be no refund after placing an order in our webstore ( but we will replace the Item that is in good condition accordingly as mentioned above. However, under special cases such as when we deliver the wrong Item, we will refund accordingly or if there arises a situation that requires us to do so.



5. Communication Between Buyer and JOM Pharmacy



JOM Pharmacy encourages Buyers to communicate in the event where a problem arises in a transaction. The Buyer should contact us directly for any issue relating to the Item purchased.




Last Updated: 23rd July 2021